Portuguese Water Dogs Are Our Passion

Andy and Lorraine fell in love with this special breed in 1998 at which time they acquired their first PWD Hogan - CnAm Champion Ondulado’s Hogan (WWD, CDX, AGN, SROM) Over the years Hogan became their dedicated family companion, a top obedience and water work dog and top show dog.

With the support and guidance of their breeder and Hogan’s co-owner – Cathie Sockett of Ondulado PWD’s - they became involved in breeding and launched Hogan’s stud dog career. Before long they made the commitment to acquire their first breeding female Kyrie - Cn/Am Champion Valkyrie Summer Solstice (CDX, AWD, AGN).

When people asked why they breed PWD’s - the answers was simple - breeding Portuguese Water Dogs gives them the opportunity to provide puppy families with the same joy that they had experienced with their dogs! 

At BigBay they produced loving family pets and performance or show ring prospects by focusing on temperament, health, trainability and true PWD character-fun loving, people oriented dogs who love to retrieve and play in the water! 

Their breeding program is based on Portuguese Water Dogs from long established, champion breeding lines known for sound temperament, health, trainability and proven working ability in water work, obedience and agility. 

BigBay carefully selected breeding pairs for each litter in support of their commitment to produce PWD’s that have responsive, easy to train temperaments, and suit both family pet and performance homes. The focus was also on structure and health, ensuring the prevention of the inheritance of genetic health issues and produce physically sound, beautiful PWD’s that are a credit to the breed and our breeding program.

Who is Susan Vandenberg?BigBaySadie

Our family (the Vandenberg's) purchased our first Portuguese Water Dog Sadie from BigBay, Lorraine Wilson in 2008. We went with this breed as my husband and son had allergies to most dogs. With our research and meeting Lorraine’s dogs, we were impressed with the energy, joyfulness and intelligence of the breed and found it a perfect fit for our active family.

Lorraine became my mentor, friend and a fabulous trainer who introduced me to so many aspects of dog training including agility, rally and my number one love, WATER. There was nothing better than a group of us doing what we love and having fun with our dogs. This included many adventures and participating in water trails in the United States as well. So I not only feel in love with the breed I fell in love with all aspects of working with my dogs.

With Sadie she earned her Champion Title, she had a wonderful litter, and out of her litter we welcomed Stella. Sadie and Stella taught us so much and every time we left our yard, they made it an adventure. The simple joy of a long walk or the exultation of earning titles and the value of their unconditional love speak volumes for my beloved girls, and family members.

Since Sadie and Stella we added Etta (BigBay At Last) to our family in 2019 and through very sad circumstances with the passing of our dear friend we added Billie (BigBay Lady Sings the Blues). What a great gift and honour to be able to continue Lorraine’s legacy and be able to breed her wonderful BigBay dogs. I am grateful for the Portuguese Water Dogs in my life, the friends I have met and for the mentorship of Carolynne Issa and the “LunaNova family”.

Our dogs/puppies are home raised and a part of our family. Our puppies are well socialized through ongoing interaction with a range of people, dogs and experiences. We temperament test our puppies to ensure the best match to your family and provide a written purchase/sale agreement that includes a health guarantee and comprehensive breeder support from the time the new puppy goes home and thereafter. We focus on temperament, health, trainability and true PWD character, fun loving, people oriented dogs who love to retrieve and play in the water! All puppies receive a thorough check by our veterinarian, are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club, have had a microchip implanted and have received their first set of vaccinations before going to their forever homes.

For information on upcoming litters and discuss the suitability of a Portuguese Water Dog for your family and to arrange a visit, please email.




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