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There is nothing more rewarding than partnering with your
PWD to do what it was born to do – WATER WORK !

This page is dedicated to Lorraine Wilson and her love of the water sport.
Unbelievable trainer and mentor.


PWD Water WorkPortuguese Water Dog

Liza and Lorraine -   she loves to fly!  


Lena- Gr Ch BigBay Stormy Weather first BigBay dog to earn her Versatility tile, the top level
water work award! Lorraine was as pleased as can be! 

Portuguese Water Dog
Lena going to shore for her line in her Courier run-  2012 PWDC Ontario trial

Learn how to train your PWD to participate in water trials through our Annual Water Work Training programs
Programs offered for all trial levels – Junior through Courier Water Dog)

No prior experience necessary!

Portuguese Water Dog

Sessions start in April and running through June----space is limited so register early- call or email for details
Coaching and trial preparation sessions also offered for experienced dogs and handlers.   

            • on-land and in water sessions
            • private and group training
            • seminars and camps


Lorraine Wilson PWD Training
Lorraine Wilson PWD


Water Work demo with BigBay Waterdogs Courtesy of

BigBay Water Work bar


Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water DogPortuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog

BigBay PWD
BigBay PWD Water Work
BigBay PWD Water Work



Frances with T Bear

It was in April 2015 that I made the decision to enrol my 31/2 year old Portuguese Water dog in agility classes - little did I know at that time that we would forgo agility in the short term.  Instead we hooked up with Lorraine Wilson and the "world of water" was opened for us!

 We started training in May.  When Lorraine told me we would be ready to trial in July, I remember saying "Really"?  If the truth be known, I didn't even know what a water trial was!!!!  My lack of knowledge was short lived, thanks to Lorraine.

While TBear was not the most enthusiastic land participant, once we hit the water it was a totally different story!!!!  I had a Portuguese Water dog that really wanted to work - I saw a whole new side of his personality once we started swimming and doing the tasks at the Junior level.   He also became more focused in other situations as well.

We did attend trials in Michigan in July.  While we were not successful, the experience was just awesome - great weather, food and people.  We came home and immediately started training with Lorraine and addressed the areas that we still needed to work on to be successful at the Junior level. 

Lorraine certainly had her challenges working with TBear and myself - I am 63 and just picking up the sport and I had a dog that had never been in water, did not retrieve, did not tug on toys and certainly did not have a retrieve to hand.  Lorraine never gave up on us!

PWDJuly and August passed and we trained consistently.  I met and trained with an amazing group of people who are dedicated to the sport - and I am definitely hooked! 

At the end of August, the Portuguese Water dog trials were held at Laurel Creek Conservation Area.  It was a weekend of great sportsmanship, great weather and once again, the wonderful people involved in the sport.

This time we had a much more successful outing on the competitive front - TBear achieved his Junior Water Dog certificate and almost passed his Apprentice level.  However, I learned a very valuable lesson from all of this.

While achieving a title or certificate is a great feeling, it is not the most important thing.  This summer I met wonderful people who will be a part of my life for years to come.  We trained together, laughed T Bear Portuguese Water Dogtogether, cried together and competed together.  A bond was forged with these people that will never be broken.  But also, the bond that develops between a dog owner and their working dog is also very unique.

The season is winding down and I am going into PTD - Post Training Depression.  As we've trained through the month of September, I have not only been working on the Apprentice level but Lorraine has been coaching us on the next level.  I can hardly wait for the next session of water classes!

The words thank you will never convey the depth of gratitude I have for Lorraine.  Meeting her and getting involved with water works has certainly changed my life ( and TBear's) for the better.

Thank you, Lorraine

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